Some call me Ant; never Tony.

I'm Anthony, an antsy creative, a self-declared multipotentialite and the Content Director at AGAIN Interactive. I'm inspired by clever copy, deliberate design, phenomenal photography and stellar storytelling -- especially when they all culminate to carve out sound, strategic creative ideas.

Here, you'll find the ideas and antics I've collected from life, love and work that I've ever-so-poetically regurgitated back into the wild.



Inspiring    Creative    Discoveries

Now and then, ideas pop into the ol' noggin. That's when I jot down a couple of notes, which turn into outlines, and finally, blog posts. These are my personal thoughts on inspiration, creative work and curated discoveries.


For me, when it comes to my work, it's all about that spark. Collaboration sparks ideas. Ideas spark results. And results spark progress. When there's progress, sparks fly.


I love brainstorms. More than that, I love bringing my coffee-fueled fever dreams to life.


A great story is one that others can connect to emotionally and intellectually.


I live to the beat of my own drum. Sometimes literally. Here's what I've been able to drum up.