LUMIX // Advertorials

Article copy. Concepting.

November 2015-Present
Employer: AGAIN Interactive

One of the many projects I worked on for Panasonic LUMIX was helping to develop and write a promotional article designed to promote the features within the all-new LUMIX GX85 mirrorless camera.

The idea was to write this piece in a way that appealed to millennial adventure enthusiasts who wanted more control over their photos without resorting to their smartphones.

The article was featured on, which houses a plethora of LUMIX content -- including content created by the LUMIX Luminaries.

The LUMIX Luminaries are a team of professional photographers that support the LUMIX brand. To create content alongside the likes of noted photographers such as Giulio SciorioRick Gerrityand Rob Knight was an honor.

You can find the article below.

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