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January 2013-July 2013
Employer: Stunt Double Media

Of Iron & Oak was a men's lifestyle blog I was put in charge of during my time spend with Stunt Double Media.

My work on of Iron & Oak required a lot of writing, editing and content calendar development, ensuring the blog was filled with informational articles that reflected the interest of the blog's readers. Subjects included alcohol, automobiles, style, hygiene and home living.

In its infant stages at the time, this blog was part of a content marketing strategy directed toward men who truly care what their home looks like as the of Iron & Oak brand began to solidify itself as a high-end furniture retailer.

During my first four months writing for of Iron & Oak, I solely generated 525,000+ hits for the site and tripled social media statistics through well-planned articles and clever social media content. I even got invited by Knob Creek® to witness the unveiling of their newest line of Smoked Maple bourbons in NYC.

Feel free to sample some of my favorite pieces while writing for of Iron & Oak below.

→ Every Man Should Know: The Wonderful World of Whiskey (PDF)

→ Knob Creek To Release Smoked Maple Bourbon (PDF)

→ My Mini Bar: Art in the Age Spirits & Liquor (PDF)

→ Every Man Should Know: The Wonderful World of Beer (PDF)

→ Every Man Should Know: How To Wear Cologne (PDF)

→ My Dad's Garage: Confederate Motorcycles' Hellcat X132 (PDF)

→ Chevrolet Corvette Celebrates 60 Years of American Excellence (PDF)

→ My Mini Bar: Knob Creek Straight Bourbon Whiskey (PDF)

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