Breathe Atlantic // Entrepreneur

Social media. Branding. Screenprinting. Scrimshaw.

August 2008-August 2016

Breathe Atlantic is the patriotic, nautical-themed clothing brand I started in 2008 as an outlet to release my own designs. Throughout the brand's existence, I became more intrigued with social media marketing and partnered with a good friend of mine, Justin Demetrician, who handled the bulk of the designs for our brand.

After completely rebranding Breathe Atlantic in 2012, we saw a 45% increase in sales and began shipping product throughout the U.S. using only social media and email to advertise.

Each of our t-shirts were individually printed in-house and soaked in salt water, giving them a uniquely distressed, nautical feel. Our flasks were all hand-engraved and our necklaces employed the ancient art of scrimshaw, an artform typically used by fisherman who carved designs into whale bones.

During its run, Breathe Atlantic also stocked Kanna Wear bamboo watches and Station Grooming Go. beard oil.

Feel free to check out some of the gear we printed below.