@OutdoorsUpClose // Photography

Photography. Hiking.

November 2016-Present

I love being outdoors, but I don't often find the opportunity. When I do, I'm often distracted by technology, social obligations or some unforeseen hinderance that prevents me from truly taking in the beauty of the outside world.

That's why I started @OutdoorsUpClose on Instagram -- to go outside and focus on the little things.

@OutdoorsUpClose is meant to be whimsical and inspiring. If I encourage even one person to go outside and focus on the little things, I'll consider that a rousing success. If it turns into something more, I'll cross that bridge when I get there and be sure to get up close outdoors on the other side.

Check out some of my finds so far and follow @OutdoorsUpClose on Instagram. If you feel inspired to get up close outdoors yourself, tag your photos with #OutdoorsUpClose. I'm happy to repost.