The Black Sox Scandal // Drums & Design

Design. Drums. Rock & roll.

February 2015-December 2016

My main job with The Black Sox Scandal was to provide perfectly timed ear concussions. By that, I mean I played drums in a rock band.

Playing drums has always been a passion of mine. I like the energy that goes along with playing live while simultaneously being the driving force that everyone relies on to keep track of the song. One missed beat and the whole band is out of sync. It's this passion that landed me a partial sponsorship with Dark Horse Percussion, a local custom drum company.

Eventually, my role with The Black Sox Scandal evolved beyond playing drums. I began to take over a lot of the design work for the band while also providing crucial input as far as promoting our music on social media is concerned. I designed merchandise, tour posters, promo videos and even the album art for our six-song EP, In Search of Brighter Skies, which was recorded in December 2015 at Exeter Recordings.

Please feel free to check out our music here or on Spotify and check out some of the fun we all had below.