Currently Creative: Staying Present with Ant Galasso

As creative types, we're constantly learning, evolving, finding new obsessions and asking new questions. The ideals and activities that inspired our creativity a year ago may be completely different than those that inspire us today.

Through this series, I aim to bring some of those current creative inspirations to light and invite you to take part as well. To be a featured creative on Currently Creative, all you have to do is answer a few questions.

Today's Creative:
Ant Galasso

Ant Galasso is currently the Senior Copywriter at AGAIN Interactive in Morristown, NJ. He has many creative side projects, this being one of them, Aside from his career role and running Currently Creative, Ant can often be found managing for his travel site, playing drums, wandering the world and spending time with his wife, family and friends.

(Man, it's kind of weird writing to yourself in the third person.)

What book are you currently reading?

At the moment, I'm reading Coyote Blue by Christopher Moore. My buddy Tommy gifted it to me over a year ago and I'm finally wrapping it up. It's a definite must-read for anyone into humorous fiction and Native American hijinks.

What podcast are you currently listening to?

I listen to a lot, so I'll just list my top three.

The first is The Truth, which is a fictional, non-episodic podcast focused on storytelling. Some of it's dark. And some of it, like their Songonauts mini-series, is quite uplifting.

The second one is The Way I Heard It by Mike Rowe. Yes. THE Mike Rowe. He creates short 8-10 minute episodes written about actual events in history. He tells them in such a way that leave me gripping at the wheel to find out the kicker at the end. Plus, I believe he writes them himself. Who knew the Dirty Jobs guy could be so damn poetic?

And lastly, The Accidental Creative by Todd Henry provides a lot of information on what it's like to be a creative leader, how some leaders limit creativity and how we can make sure we're bringing our best selves to our work every day.

Where in the world are you currently curious about visiting?

This question is tough because I change my mind nearly every day. The most recent obsession was Iceland, but I could make a very similar argument for Cape Town, South Africa. Don't you worry though. I'll get to both of them one of these days.

What job, other than your own, are you currently daydreaming about?

I daydream a lot. Right now? I'm kind of curious about wildlife firefighting. There's travel. Excitement. Danger. Valor. It's not creative, but it definitely sounds intriguing.

I also ponder frequently about running my own food truck. I've got ideas for that, man. They're going to be groovy. If you're interested, ask me on Twitter.

What new practices are you currently introducing to streamline your daily routine?

I wrote an entire article about this, but basically, I've been making sure I cover off on three portions of my life every single day: take care of myself, pursue my passions and spend time with loved ones.

To that note, I make sure I meditate and exercise nearly every morning, I walk to the library after work every day to read, work on my website and build up my side projects. Then, once that's over, rush hour is over around 7PM and I can go home to spend focused, undistracted time with my wife. It's been working out nicely.

Which one app can you currently not live without?

Honestly, Pocket.

Whether I'm scrolling through Twitter or a co-worker is posting interesting articles on Slack, I find so many articles I want to read every single day but can't find the time to read right in that moment. So, with Pocket, I just save them for later. I put them in my pocket, so to speak.

Half the time, these articles end up being total crap, but there are some really smart people spitting out gems that provide valuable insight to a number of different aspects of my life. Without Pocket, I'd miss them all.

What’s the most frustrating thing currently happening in your life?

The most frustrating thing? I currently struggle with negative self-talk that impedes my ability to be content with what I have and what I create. Like many creatives, I occasionally deal with a degree of imposter syndrome that, truthfully, is total bullshit. That's why I meditate, take care of myself, and make sure I'm putting my ducks in rows that set me up for success each day.

I've been following a particular mantra lately, which I hope to eventually flesh out into some sort of book or ebook that goes like this: Don't. Be. Shit.

Don't worry.
Be thankful.
Shit happens.

Don't. Be. Shit. helps me conquer my fears, realize what I have, and push me toward becoming a better version of myself. If it helps you too, then that's awesome..

How are you currently building on your creative abilities?

I'm fortunate enough to work for an employer that pays for my account. I've been sneaking peeks at courses there when I find them time. However, for the most part, I feel like simply contributing to my work, this website and all of my other side projects on a near-daily basis has only inspired me to continue some sort of upward trajectory aimed at success.

Which other creatives are you currently inspired by?

Kerby Rosanes is a masterful artist. Everything he creates makes me jealous to my core. I'm also pretty high on the folks at 1924us, who have put together one hell of a brand. Perhaps that's because they're a branding studio. I'm also incredibly excited to read Emilie Wapnick's new book How to Be Everything, which discusses multipotentialites, people who have multiple interests and are able to succeed in a number of fields, which I think speaks to me.

What is one current short-term goal of yours?

To publish the next iteration of Currently Creative!