Behind the scruff.

Hi there! I'm an avidly empathetic writer, traveller and entrepreneur with a creative mind, an eye for design and a wily sense of humor.

One day, I hope to become my own boss, pen a novel or five, and step foot on all seven continents while continuing to build meaningful, creative experiences.

Breakneck Backstories

  • I'm married to a mad scientist. Life with her is a gas.
  • I graduated from Rutgers University and never got a t-shirt.
  • I'm a Jersey guy with Carolina ties.
  • I've been to 41 of all 50 U.S. states. Only nine to go!
  • I've volunteered abroad in both Africa and Honduras.
  • Breakfast, factually speaking, is amazing.
  • Cracker Barrel, factually speaking, is also amazing.
  • As a kid, I was raised on a sultry mix of Motown and Jock Jams.
  • I once played drums with my old band at Giants' Stadium.
  • I'm a New York Giants fan, even though they play in Jersey.
  • Neil deGrasse Tyson is my hero. Damn, that man is logical.
  • Favorite movie? How 'bout the entire Rocky franchise? Even #5.
  • I'm the funniest person I know and the only one who agrees.
  • I'm capable of eating entire boxes of Oreos in one sitting.
  • I'd have loved to study marine biology...sans the biology.
  • By the way, all ocean-dwelling carnivores are pescetarians.
  • Joe Pesci has a fishy last name, but he's not a pescetarian.
  • Wow. These backstories flew off the rails real quick, didn't they?
  • I try like hell not to take life too seriously.

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